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Kabiru Mwenja
Kabiru Mwenja

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Look up faker methods on your terminal

I'm a huge fan of the Faker Gem and I use it everywhere. However, sometimes I find myself digging through Faker's ReadMe (which is brilliant btw) when I'm unsure of a method's namespace or I'm just not sure what's available.

I've always wished I had some way to search faker at the comfort of my terminal.

Well... gem install fakerbot! 😉

fakerbot is a cli tool that does just that. It reflects faker's object space exposing lookup & listing functionality.

Enough talk, let's see it in action.

$ fakebot search number -v
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$ fakerbot list
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More Usage instructions can be found on the ReadMe.

If this looks like something that interests you, don't by shy! Please drop by the repo , contribute, suggest a feature, add tests, ✨ e.t.c.

My hope is that this tool makes your DEV life a tad easier as it has mine. Cheers! 🍺

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Bryan Oyloe

This article is super helpful. Thanks for writing it!