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Would you pay for this service?


Trying to identify if developers would pay money to solve the 3 problems outlined below

Problem 1: Multi-Cloud and Multi-CDN

Every organization today uses multiple services like cloud, cdn, storage, etc. today but there is no one solution to give them the ability to view and manage all these services within one window
Large Tier Customers: Multiple Cloud Vendors are currently being used by large organizations to host and run their services
Mid/Small Tier Customers: Even though developers in small/mid-tier customers use only 1 CDN they usually have a need to integrate their CDN with other services they have like load-balancing, code deploys, etc.

Problem 2: Multiple authentication types and different API services

Every service provider has their own API endpoints and different authentication types. Users often have to write code to integrate with each of these API endpoints and setup code for each of these authentication types.

Below are a list of example services and their corresponding API signing methods

a) Akamai has EdgeGrid authentication system with a custom base API Url and time generated Authorization header
b) Fastly has a key header called "Fastly-Key" that needs to be passed along with their API endpoint, in order to get the token they have the ability to create one based on an OTP service. All API starts with
c) Cloudflare has a simple Key Header called "X-Auth-Key" and "X-Auth-Email" that they need to add to the API request. All API starts with
d) AWS has a similar setup to Akamai where you to sign API requests using the HTTP authorization header

Problem 3: Service chaining these services

Service chaining multiple services is a need but there isn't a tool today that lets a user do this.

We have services like IFTTT and other tools that allow users to tie multiple applications in an IF-THEN condition, but there is no tool/service in the market that allows you to create this for your DevOps needs.

Potential Solution

Imagine if you could create a "codeblock" for each service you wish to call and then chain them together to create a "recipe". Each published recipe could be accessed and executed via an API or via a UI.

For example - If a user wishes to load balance traffic between AWS and GCP based on the cost of running compute, then the user could create a codeblock that calls the budget/cost API for both AWS and GCP and then based on a threshold update the load balancer weights to shift traffic around.

How much would this cost? The cost of running the recipe above will be free on this new platform, but if you wish to make the recipe private or share it with team members then we may charge you a small fee (possibly less than $10/month/per-user)

Feedback Section

Please comment below on why you don't or do like this solution or if there are other existing systems that do this today then feel free to provide a link.

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Akhil Jay

This would now be called "webflow for infrastructure" :)