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Nicely done.

One thing to note is that, clicking on links in hamburger menu takes you to the right place but would need some margin as title's hidden under the nav menu.


Oh okay i have an idea *the margin as you have said



Yupz. You can probably adjust the margin using calc


Oh yeah that actually true so please what do you think i can use to adjust that??


Looks fresh mate!

Don't have any code-related suggestions, but there is some
typos on your page. Correct spelling on your portfolio is also really important!

I like the header image, gives a chill-vibe on you :)

Have a great weekend buddy :)


Thank you i have dont all that but haven't uploaded it yet. I will have to do that


looks great! i would make that main background image more responsive tho


Oh thanks but how would i do such? Any hint


add this to the background image....

background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;