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Alex Daro
Alex Daro

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Scheduling Website Content With JavaScript and AWS CloudWatch

Hi, devs!

I'm getting close to wrapping the first round of development with my new side-project so I figured I'd share some insight on how I built an API for scheduling website content.

To be honest I was having trouble finding the confidence to publish this. I wanted to write this in-depth, ground shattering post on scheduling Lambda functions with Amazon Cloudwatch but every time I sat down to write it seemed like an insurmountable task... Quite honestly it was bumming me out! So what I did instead was implemented some Tim Ferris voodoo logic and asked my self: "What would this look like if it were easy?". That was the thing that got me over the hump...

I changed the opening sentence from "In this article, I'll describe everything that went into developing the Scheduling API." -- to -- "In this article, I'll briefly describe some of the things that went into developing the Scheduling API. "

This helped me hone in what I wanted to say and get it out the door. Every blog post doesn't need to be a novel. A simple, easy to read how-to guide was good enough.

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Domenico Solazzo

These snippets of code for Amazon Cloudwatch are really helpful and clear to understand! Thanks for sharing!

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Alex Daro

Glad you find them useful!