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Mohammad Alahmadi
Mohammad Alahmadi

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My First Chrome Extension: Stackoverflow Starred Viewer

Update 2021-05-21: I plan to get back on improving this project. I neglected it in the past due to other responsibilities.

Are you a mediocre developer like me? Do you firmly believe in StackOverflow driven development? Did you forget to bookmark that answer you always copy-paste from?

That was my main itch that prompt me for this side project.

TL;DR: An easier way to browse starred StackOverflow questions. It simply injects a sidebar onto your browser when you visit This sidebar displays a filterable list of all your starred questions.

I star many StackOverflow questions that I frequently refer to. However, it is not easy to navigate through them. I tried searching the web, but the next best answer I found was this.

This motivated me to create my own extension for a simpler way to navigate through my starred questions. I was hugely inspired by my ultimate favorite extension octotree.

Here are some screenshots.


What do you think of this extension? I would really appreciate any feedback you could give, especially on the following:

  • Do you find it useful?
  • How's the user experience?
  • Any features that would make it more useful?

There are still some bugs I'm aware of that need to be addressed. Feel free to create issues if you find any others.

There are also missing core features that I plan to add.

Thanks in advance for trying it out! I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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