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Test Your JavaScript Knowledge with These 12 Basic Quizzes!

Do you know JavaScript? If yes, how well are you familiar with JavaScript? In this article, we will go through some common JavaScript questions. Try them out to see your level of familiarity with JavaScript ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  1. Variables
    • What is the differences between var, let and const?
    • How to compare two values? What is the difference ==, === and
  2. Data types
    • What are data types in JavaScript?
    • What is the difference between Map and Object?
  3. Array
    • What is the difference between slice, split and splice?
  4. Object
    • What is this? What is the difference between call, apply and bind?
    • Can you explain how new operator work?
  5. Function
    • What is arrow function?
    • What is IIFE (Immediately invoked function expression)?
  6. Class
    • What is the difference between class and constructor in JavaScript?
  7. Closures
    • What is closure?
  8. Prototypes
    • What is prototypes?
    • What is prototypal inheritance?
  9. Scope
    • What is scope in JavaScript?
  10. Hoisting
    • What is Hoisting?
  11. Promise/Async await
    • What is Promise?
    • What is Promise.race and Promise.all?
  12. ES6+
    • What is destructuring in JavaScript and how does it work in ES6?
    • Are you aware of the latest updates and features in the latest ES version?

If you're unable to answer it effectively, these helpful links may assist you in finding the solution.

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