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Flutter and Me

Hello devs ...So I applied to some marketing agency in my locality as a front end developer with specialization in react. I was called for an interview and then I was told they're currently need someone with mobile experience specifically flutter to work on their upcoming apps.

My interviewer told me he was very much impressed with github repo page but he would like me to join them but will learn flutter since that was going to be their main stack for mobile apps. I had to start learning right away and I could tell i was making progress with it. Fast forward to three weeks of my stay , he asked me whether I could build a lock screen . The purpose of this is to display custom ads on them to customers. I told them I could do it but I will take some time. I know somehow I could do it but I just don't know how to go about this, to the execution.

I feel like a fraud and sooner or later I will tagged as incompetent to serve as a developer in their company.

Note: this happens to be my first developer role as I have never had any professional experience before and there is no other developer to look up to. It's all by myself.

Please I need some advice. What should I do?

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Naushad Moidin

I'm learning flutter through this repo.

This is the fast track lane you may get into learn flutter, really impressive work. Also you may install their free mobile app and try multiple use cases for pretty much common across the mobile apps.

All the best.

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Oh okay Thank you

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Kevin-Kelly Kröger • Edited

Hey Albert,

I would say everyone was a junior once...
There is nothing wrong in not knowing something the important thing is in my opinion to be honest with yourself and your Boss.

I mean they took you in with the knowledge that you don’t know anything about flutter. So keep that in mind if you hab second thoughts about yourself.

But let’s focus on your mission for a second.

If I was in your position I would try to get things done like so:

I would Try to focus on the facts that I know e.g.

You know that your goal is to build a lock screen.

With this knowledge, try to ask yourself some questions:

  • What does the lock screen needs to contain ?
  • Where does the ads needs to come from a DB or from a file ?
  • When should this lock screen needs to be displayed to the User ?
  • Does it needs to be implemented in a existing application ?
  • How does it needs to look from a designing aspect ? (If you have to come up with a design by yourself, try Adobe XD, it’s very easy to understand and has a ton of impact when it comes to good mobile design.)

After you asked yourself all those questions, more of them will appear in your head. Try not to get overwhelmed from it. Think of it like a puzzle where you are the one who’s choosing the speed. Always be in control of your actions and don’t forget:
***Not knowing something is not a mistake, it’s the fact that you are just as human as we all and the you don’t need to know everything it’s important that you like what your doing and to get better those things you want to do.

So don’t hesitate to ask questions especially to your boss because he should be the one who guided you through somehow :)

Hope I could help you finding a path to try .

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Thank you very much sir. This is more than helpful.