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Aleix Morgadas
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Applying SOLID to an organization

SOLID Principles can be applied to many things. Classes, modules, systems... why not apply them to an organization as a whole? 🤔

I intend to write an article's series to see how each letter of SOLID applies to an organization and answer:

  • How this Principle applies to an Organization?
  • Are there any other Principles that aim to focus on the same already known by the Industry?
  • Is it useful to apply this Principle to an Organization at all?
  • Implications of applying and not applying the Principle.

Before I even start writing the first article about Single-responsibility principle applied to an Organization, what do you think? Is it applicable SOLID to an organization at all?


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Phil Ashby

It's an interesting thought - given Conways Law (, an organisation will be similarly structured to the codebase, and thus similar principles should apply. IMO the tricky bit is mostly non-technical, as there are a lot of other factors involved in employing humans and organising them that fall outside SOLID, such as prestige, pay, career paths and job satisfaction. Looking forward to your articles though!

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Aleix Morgadas

Absolutely. Conway's law is a better to define how an organization operates. I will mention it along the articles.

The idea I have is about how to resonate if it makes any sense to apply SOLID to an organization level and which other practices and principles apply better.

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Kris Quigley

I have been thinking about this a lot recently, and think it's very much applicable. Looking forward to the articles, this approach has massive potential.