Reddit or StackOverflow?

alephc profile image Alessandro C Silva ・1 min read

I wanna use Python on VS Code. I love Jupyter Notes but I'd like to try new experiences. I discovered after all questions on Reddit and StackOverflow communities that if we want to use Python on VS Code, we must install Python for Windows (Python 3.7.3) first. Add it to path, open VS Code and install Python Extension. No other Python version will be permitted so that you can't run well codes without 3.7.3 version today. Sadly, nobody answered me that little trick. VS Code did it after a long fight. On Reddit VS Code community, I found much more attention than sleepy StackOverflow high reputation partners. What's happening to StackOverflow? Too big to fail?


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Asking questions in stack overflow is a bit tricky. In one hand, your question can't be too broad, as SO prefers questions with objective, specific answers. And in the other hand, it can't be overly specific, as the answers should be useful to others.

Reddit is more flexible in that sense, as it's community allows a wide spectrum of questions.


There simply too much new questings for the people available to respond. Also, most of the information is already on Internet with a little search, and the kind of question that is responded with a link can burn someone. Also, the people asking things, later didn't recognize the correct answer or comeback to the question.