Why not a DEV TV?

alephc profile image Alessandro C Silva ・1 min read


A strong community must have a TV channel. How-to-do shows, live tutorials, new technologies, app talks, Miss Python, The JS Horror Weekend, Java zombies, a marketplace like Facebook and so on... We don't need YouTube nor Vimeo. We're all here. Let's do it, please. Comment:


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Under integrations in settings, you can link your twitch account. Once youve linked it, you can go to dev.to/live/your_username.


Yes, that's it. But I mean on TV. I have 500 channels to choose but no one of coding.


Thats a great idea! This may push people who code and not watch tv, to watch tv!


And what makes sites like YouTube unfit for these?


That's not my question. I just wish a TV channel. Broadcasting also YouTube videos, no problem.


I’m not sure what you mean. I asked why these kind of things couldn’t just go on YouTube.

Who said it? I mean it could not go on there. I said I wanted a TV channel. Which part aren't you sure?