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Alessandro Genova
Alessandro Genova

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MPI-like Parallel Programming in JavaScript

I did it again. After my latest experiment, I took things too far once again.

I recently wrote @post-me/mpi, a library to write parallel algorithms that can run on a pool of web workers, using an API similar to MPI.

A worker pool is a set of workers that are mutually interconnected. Each worker can communicate directly with any other worker in the pool.

The low level communication between workers and the parent application is managed by another library I wrote, post-me.


Below is a small example of using @post-me/mpi in practice. In this example we will be sorting an array in parallel.

Worker code:

import { joinPool } from '@post-me/mpi';

const connection = await joinPool(self);

// The parallel sort method
const sort = (communicator) => async (array) => {
  const root = 0;
  let subArray = await communicator.scatter(array, root);
  subArray.sort((a, b) => a - b);
  const sorted = await communicator.reduce(subArray, merge, root);

  return sorted;

// Expose parallel methods to the application
connection.registerMethods({ sort });

// Merge two sorted arrays into a single sorted array
function merge(a0, a1) {/* ... */}
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Parent code:

import { createPool } from '@post-me/mpi';

const array = new Float32Array(1024);
const N_WORKERS = 4;

// Create the workers
const workers: Worker[] = [];
for (let i = 0; i < N_WORKERS; ++i) {
  workers.push(new Worker('./worker.js'));

// Create a pool of mutually interconnected workers
const workerPool = await createPool(workers);

// Pass different parameter to the parallel method based on the rank of the worker
const root = 0;
const args = (rank) => rank === root ? array : null;
const transfer = (rank, [arr]) => rank === root ? [arr.buffer] : [];

// Call the parallel method 'sort'
const result = await'sort', args, transfer);

// The sorted array is returned by the root worker
const sortedArray = result[root];
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MPI Operations

The following MPI operations are already implemented in @post-me/mpi:

  • send
  • recv
  • bcast
  • scatter
  • gather
  • reduce
  • barrier
  • allGather
  • allReduce


The library has extensive typescript support, all arguments, methods, return types, etc., are all type checked so that most coding mistakes can be caught at compile tim.


Below is a quick non-scientific benchmark that shows that indeed running a parallel algorithm is faster than serial. In the plot I'm showing the speedup obtained when sorting arrays of various length as a function of the number of workers.

Alt Text


I created a small demo page where you can run a couple of test algorithms yourself (source).


Nobody asked for it, but there you have it. You can write parallel algorithms in JavaScript using a MPI-like syntax.

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