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Suggested Resources for Dapps with Ethereum + React?

Hey everyone! I've been delving into making smart contracts with Solidity via Ethereum's blockchain, and now I'm looking to hook it up to a nice interface with React. There's a couple tutorials out there with combining web3 together in React to connect with Ethereum, but a lot of them are outdated, incomplete or pretty obscure. Anyone have some good resources for this? How do you create your webapps when writing smart contracts?

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Serkan Kayaoğlu

All documents on this subject are quite old and incomplete. It would be great to publish a new article and use new technologies. In addition, the examples are not completely complete, errors are printed as real instead of console.log, the connect wallet button works as it is in reality, etc.

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Jake Varness

If anyone actually has any good information about this I'm interested as well lol