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Alexandro Martinez
Alexandro Martinez

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Why I'm Open-Sourcing all my .NET SaaS kits in April 2022 (React, Svelte, Vue3, Vue2)

Reason 1: Remix

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but actually, I am. Writing code has never felt this fun. It feels like when I switched from Bootstrap to Tailwind CSS, another bandwagon I've jumped onto (and I'm so glad I did).

So I will now focus on my Remix SaaS kit (early access with -50% discount).

Reason 2: Productized Services

I've always wanted to publish my own productized software development service. So if your team likes one of the open-sourced repositories, I could help set up your SaaS MVP, for a monthly fee.


The first .NET SaaS boilerplate I published was a .NET + Vue2 stack. Then I easily migrated it to Vue3, then to React, and then to Svelte (you can read more about this here).


I wanted to make room for non-c# backend frameworks, so I switched from to This way I could build Vue/React/Svelte frontends, without being tied to .NET. I built the SaasFrontends site using the non-MIT licensed repo, I really hope this doesn't get me in trouble 😟.

To my existing .NET customers

Hopefully, you will now get community support. And if you're interested in the Remix SaaS kit, contact me for a -100% discount.


I don't want to commit to a certain day or week, but I promise it will be this month.

Let me know what you think!

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C. Posthumus

Sounds good, willing to take your .net template for a spin! Waiting your open-source version patiently

shilpadikaio profile image

Excited for you Alexandro, I love your kit!