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I have HTML templates my team uses, can I build a WYSIWYG over the top? How do I inject content into the body of a HTML template

Not exactly webdev, but I've built a HTML/CSS template that my team drops into reporting dashboards we create.

Because I thought HTML was very easy I just built documentation that just said "if you want to change the title, change the H1 on line 46" or if you want to add an extra list do this or extra paragraph do that.

However my users are struggling to get their heads around what they need to change in the HTML template to customize it to there needs.

I was wondering if there is a way to built a WYSIWYG where my users can write the content they need to display and then it just injects that content into the body of my template allowing them to copy the final code into their dashboards.

If you have any other suggestions short of excel macros (yes that was suggested) let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Shreyas Ragavan • Edited

A shiny app could be explored, though it may not be the best way and you would need to know R. A simple proof of concept could be built using flexdashboard, which is based on rmarkdown. Perhaps combine this with something like

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This is interesting...

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Martin Szauer

It sounds like something a headless CMS and a markdown file generator would be suited for.