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My 7 month update of my programming journey.

So I have not posted in a little bit. Mainly because I have been running around dealing with a million other things. But I wanted to come back and post a bit of a update now that I have hit 7 months. First of all I want to say 7 months may seem like a whole lot of time but it goes by really really fast.So there really is not much to update besides that I am still pushing along in math. I will be working on breaking into learning pre calculus here soon. And other than that it has been just work study work.

So since there is not much to update I did want to announce a few other things. First I wanted to say congrats to a friend for landing her first dev job. She announced it a few days ago on twitter. @javascripterika.

Also I wanted to take the time to reach out to the community. For any one who might know of a position for my other friend @TiffanyW_412 on twitter. She is looking for a junior front-end web dev position that is remote friendly. Or mostly remote. You can check out her work below.


So with that said I hope all of you have a good week. And until next time keep on going at it!

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Thanks homie!

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Alex Gwartney

Your welcome