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Deploying to Heroku

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Hey everyone! I was curious to know if anyone knew how to deploy a node.js server to Heroku? I’ve made an simple application that made with React, Redux, and an Express server with Mongodb. I’ve been trying to research on how to do it but I keep trying to do it but it never seems to work... any help with be greatly appreciated. I’ll add a link to the server repo. :)) Thanks

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You didn't specify which guides you tried already.
I guess you've tried this one:

Did you?

EDIT: How about this one:


Last week I deployed my Node.js API to heroku following the guide Dávid Szabó proposed. I'd strongly suggest to start there. It may seem confusing at first, but once you finish your first deploy you'll get the hang of it for sure :)
I also used Mlab for my MongoDb databases.


I have deployed a python application. Do you want link? Will that help?

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