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Smart Work is the new "Office"

Alessandro Lepri
I am a Frontend Developer based in London. After seven years in management and customer service, I changed my career into software development. Coding has taught me a valuable lesson: to stay curious
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In this period of our lives, millions of people work from home as a new office to fight this sad global pandemic due to Covid19.

Many companies have decided to keep their offices closed until the new year, while others have decided to adopt this modern philosophy as a new office default. While looking for a new job, I came across many job vacancies for Senior roles but almost none for Juniors.

Many companies that were actively recruiting juniors before the lockdown decided to cancel the positions or postpone them until the staff returned to the office 100% explaining that they would not have the resources necessary to insert a new junior role if working from home.

If smart working will become the new "office", what will all juniors' future be if many companies refuse to hire, considering that they might not have so much experience?
Will it become just a Senior/Lead market?

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