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Diving in to React Today!

alexlsalt profile image Alex Morton ・2 min read

This post was originally published on August 13, 2020 on my blog.

Good morning! I'm feeling so relieved over here in France because our big 7+ day heat wave finally came to an end last night with a huge thunderstorm. Feels so cooool this morning - I'm here for it.

Alright! Thursday! This week is flying by productively, and I'm super happy about it. Just have today and tomorrow to keep up the streak and then it's ze weekend.

On the table today: diving into Pure React by Dave Ceddia (I bought this ebook a while back and started in on it, but then stopped and then long story short here we are again). I'm looking forward to working all the way through it over the next six or so weeks, at roughly 40 pages each week.

I also have a video to film for YouTube (you can subscribe here!) - since I recorded it yesterday and then my audio didn't end up coming through. Grr - it's OK though, I'm really fired up about the topic, so it should be pretty chill.

Lastly, designing a workbook I'm creating for helping creative coders start and actually finish (!!!) the projects they have in their minds.

📣 Sounds like a full Thursday - what's on your plate for today? I'd love to know! 📣

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Diana Chin

That sounds fantastic! I’m currently finishing up the CSS fundamentals before heading over to JavaScript. I’m looking forward to trying out React since one of my goals is to learn at least one framework by the end of this year.

alexlsalt profile image
Alex Morton Author

Hi Diana - thanks!! And great goal!!

If I could offer a bit of advice, I'd definitely focus on really dialing in the JavaScript fundamentals before picking up a framework only because if we try to learn them together (JS and React, for example), it's difficult to see where JavaScript ends and where the React features start, if that makes sense.

I think that's where my false starts in learning React came from before. So I decided to dive fully into JS alone for a few months before giving React another shot.


redlotusdesignz profile image
Diana Chin

That makes a lot of sense :) I do plan on spending enough time with Javascript since I remember reading a couple of comments from others where React wasn't easy to pick up and that's mostly due to not having a concrete understanding on Javascript.