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How Blogging Can Help You as an Early-Career Developer

This post was originally published on May 20, 2020 on my blog.

I've now been consistently blogging - as in sitting down and doing it every weekday (for the most part) - since the beginning of February. That's just about four months - and I don't see any end in sight!

As an early-career software developer or someone who's making the transition into a career in software development, blogging has so much potential to set you apart from the pack. It also allows you the opportunity to document how much progress you've made over a given amount of time.

(You think you'll be able to keep track of it without documenting it, but - trust me - you won't. There are just too many nuances in the day-to-day that asking your poor brain to keep track of it all would be downright cruel - not to mention, completely unreasonable).

I'm not going to list out the benefits of blogging in a neatly-packaged Perfect Blog Postβ„’ because, honestly, I don't really feel like it. Plus, I'm just free-writing here, so I'd rather feel like I'm having a natural conversation (er - monologue?) with you.

Here's my own personal list of benefits that consistent blogging can have for you as an early-career software developer:

  • When applying for jobs, it gives your interviewers a deeper glimpse into who you are, as opposed to only having your cut and dry resume and cover letter to vouch for you
  • You can practice your writing skills - and stay sharp as swordfish
  • You can track the progress you've made over time - it's like reading a journal from middle school: somewhat cringey, but you're generally glad to be able to sneak a peek into your past stream-of-consciousness experiences
  • It can be part of a nice daily routine that gets you in the right head space to do great work
  • It can be a great way to set goals and stay motivated to make progress towards them each day
  • You might inspire others who may be further behind you on their own career journey

I probably have more, but for now, I think these are some goodies! If you're hesitant to start blogging because you're already overwhelmed with how much you haven't done (because, hmm, you haven't started...), just start.

After all, there's magic in making moves and starting something that might eventually lead somewhere wonderful.

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