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Reflecting on Eight Months of Learning to Program

This post was originally published on August 31, 2020 on my blog.

Hi friends, happy Monday! It's officially the last day of August 2020 - and it's also been exactly eight full months since I left a job I adored to focus 100% on pursuing my goal of learning to code and ultimately making a career transition to becoming a software developer.

So much can happen in a matter of months. I remember this time last year, after I'd set out to pay off my student loan debt, that I ended up paying off half of my $22,000 starting debt - which was huge for me.

Now, eight months after I left my last job, I've dedicated myself to coding, learning new languages and frameworks, building projects in which I fully invest myself, putting myself out there with new opportunities, connecting with others on the same journey, and ultimately documenting the entire process (hi, reader!).

While I didn't start blogging officially until February of this year, that still marks seven months of consistency with writing - which I'm freaking proud of. Especially as someone who goes all-in on a project or new venture only to succumb to Shiny New Object Syndrome when the newness of the exciting project has worn off.

And no matter how much time continues to pass, I still get that very wonderful feeling that it's only the beginning.

I wake up most every morning with the belief that there's still so much to do and learn; and I'm ready to continue embracing it all.

To sum it all up, I'm proud of myself. And I'm proud of you, too, if you're on a similar path - coding or not. Here's to all there is to come.

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Ségolène Alquier

You can be proud! 🙌
I'm amazed by your consistency with writing. Keep learning and inspiring ✨

alexlsalt profile image
Alex Morton

Aw, thank you so, so much, Ségolène! I really appreciate that :D

Hope you're doing well!