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Alex Morton
Alex Morton

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What I'm Up To Lately

This post was originally published on June 18, 2020 on my blog.

Cloudyish, cool Thursday. Just sitting down to write at a little after noon here. I think I'll give a little list of the things I'm up to lately. Lots of cool stuff swirling around in this here brain!


  • On the cusp of launching a cool podcast and community for creative coding ladies (more info to come, yeeee!)

  • Preparing my CodeLand talk - taking place on July 23 (and you're invited!

  • Nursing my strained neck back to health with yoga and nice walks instead of HIIT workouts

  • Wrapping up some hourly client work and invoicing, etc.

  • General life admin


  • Deciding whether or not to share more behind-the-scenes stuff on Instagram

  • A new project adapted from my Wellbean project that helps keep track of when a certain household chore was last done

  • Transferring my So You Think You Can France website from being hosted on Squarespace to being built up again with React and hosted on GitHub pages

  • Continuing on with my JavaScript course, APIs, and all that fun stuff

Cool! Thanks for coming to my spur-of-the-moment brain inventory Now let's be friends over on Twitter >>

P.S. I'd love to know what you're up to these days re: creative coding projects or just life admin in general! What's on your proverbial plate?

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emma profile image
Emma Goto 🍙

Nice, a podcast sounds exciting!

I've picked up the #100DaysOfCode challenge in an attempt to work on a side project, but I'm also trying to blog weekly so I'm finding that tends to take up most of my time. I haven't been making as much progress on my side project as I would have liked.

I've also been trying to take a bit of a step back from programming in my free time so I don't burn myself out - I've told myself I'm not allowed to do any programming after 12pm on the weekends so I can give myself plenty of time to enjoy non-programming hobbies 😅

alexlsalt profile image
Alex Morton

Hi Emma! 👋

I should get back to #100DaysOfCode - I started a while ago but then kind of stopped documenting it. I may just have to start again - it was a great way to make new connections on Twitter and to stay accountable for coding projects!

And yes! I'm excited to launch my latest project and podcast! I'm starting a little community of women who code and who want to carve out a bit more time for their creative coding pursuits each week.

What you just described - wanting to make more progress on your side project while also making sure not to burn out - is exactly what I'm hoping to facilitate with these types of small cohorts later on.

I'll definitely keep you updated if you're interested :D

emma profile image
Emma Goto 🍙

I'll definitely keep you updated if you're interested :D

Yes please!

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