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Alex Macniven
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What's your favourite server naming convention?

I headed back into the office yesterday for the first time since lockdown began here in the UK. I was tasked with building a few servers for our local network that is needing a bit of love.

We still have a few legacy servers that are named after characters from the Flintstones cartoon.

So I was wondering; what's the best server naming conventions you have seen or are using?

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I think the best names would be names that everyone can relate to. Such as names that originates from buildings or places close to the office, names that is inspired by other employers nicknames or stories or names that has something to do with what you do everyday.

(Like, ESC, CTRL, DEL for conference names)

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

The place I used to work at had, prior to my starting there, had an interesting hodgepodge of names based mostly on characters from Dilbert (as well as some logical names from mythology). Not long after I started there, that shifted to naming servers after major stars and astronomical objects (Rigel, Polaris, Sirius, Andromeda, etc).

For my personal systems, I use names of spacecraft from Star Wars, mostly stuff from the Rebel Alliance, but also a few smuggler and bounty hunter names, often with there being some practical association between the role of the spacecraft itself and the system named after it (for example, the dedicated BOINC client system I've got running work units primarily from bioinfomatics and medical research projects is named 'redemption' after the EF76 Nebulon B escort frigate that was used as the primary hospital ship for the Rebel Fleet).

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I use the Moons of Jupiter

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James McDermott

I have usually pulled from mythology words like valhalla, elysium, and olympus are quite good.