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10 Java Developer Skills that are in High Demand

With over 9 million developers using Java as their mother tongue in programming, you can imagine the worldwide demand. As an aspiring developer looking to hone skills, you must know the skills you require to use Java proficiently.

Java has been in use since 1995, and its fast, reliable and secure system helps developers create a variety of software. The coder-friendly languages like C and C++ make the Java development skill high in demand. In order to crack through projects with large-scale companies for their long-term software requirement, there are plenty of java full stack developer courses to educate you.

Why do you need to learn Java?

Oracle states that there are more than 7 billion devices that incorporated Java for their establishment. Because of high demand, programming developers find it lucrative to know and imply this particular language.

It is the primary programming language learned by most developers before moving on to other options. Java specialists earn a high salary and know a skill that will likely not become obsolete during their careers.

Top skills of a java developer

Let us find out what are the most sought skills for applying Java assertively:

1. Basic skills

If you are starting out, you need to understand what Java is and start with basic skills. To build several types of software that range from desktop to mobile app, from web apps to cloud systems, you need Java. The capabilities stretch to Big Data apps with Python.

Your primary training in Java will include understanding and knowing:

  • Object-oriented programming principles to understand language
  • Control systems like BitBucket and Git
  • Web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JQuery
  • Maneuvering integrated development environment like IntelliJ IDEA

2. Spring Framework

Spring Framework is one of the most common tools for development, so knowing Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Cloud is essential for web app development.
Spring Framework helps Java developers practice dependency injection to make every application more testable. Modern-day software needs such a feature to make them easier to manage and upgrade.

Beginners must first familiarize themselves with the Spring system and then move to Boot and Cloud development strategies.


SQL is an essential skill required in every programmer, irrespective of the language. Since data is the primary key for any program development, SQL is crucial for analyzing data. You cannot develop programs without learning SQL.


Since nowadays most applications involve API, you need to take up the skill of knowing REST. While REST has had a significant presence over the past decade, GraphQL is gradually replacing it. However, when introducing yourself to the world of Java, REST is one of the classic tools to learn. You might eventually have to learn GraphQL, but knowing REST will only help you pick it up faster.

5. Kotlin for Android

Without going through the web development phase, developers can begin developing mobile applications. So, knowing Kotlin to develop Android apps will take you one step closer to strengthening your skills in Java. Kotlin is a modified version of the traditional Java language. So, familiarizing yourself with it will only enhance your skills further.

6. Microservices

The shift from monolithic applications to microservices is pretty evident with the constant change in architecture. Microservice is currently a growing need for all Java developers. So not learning might make you lag behind your competitors.

The usage of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud makes the use of microservice development easy for developers. Thus, it is best to learn the Spring Framework to become well-versed with Microservices.

7. AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the most commonly used cloud platforms right now. AWS is no more one of the options to choose from but a skill to hone due to its growing popularity. There is a massive demand for people who know AWS tools and environments like S3, EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, and more.

8. JUnit and Mockito

The knowledge and skill required to understand unit testing skills can differentiate a good developer from an average. A skilled developer usually writes unit tests for codes. A company looking to hire a professional might ask if you do so.
Testing has evolved, and there are many tools for unit testing, automation testing, and integration testing. JUnit is a must-have skill for Java developers and also the best library, to begin with.

9. DevOps tools

Knowing DevOps tools is also one of the must-know skills for applying Java. Skilled developers constantly upgrade themselves in terms of continuous deployment, continuous integration, and Jenkins’ role for both processes.

Developers who need to implement best coding practices would know how to create manuals and scripts. Thus, having sound knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, Chef, Jenkins, and Maven tools is necessary for DevOps incorporation.

10. TDD

For developers who have their basics cleared and looking for new skills to adopt must learn TDD. It is a skill that needs in-depth learning and understanding and can be new to most Java specialists. But knowing TDD can improve your coding quality and make you offer better finished products. The test-code-test-refractor works fast in Java and can make the entire process easier to maneuver.

Final thoughts

Along with learning skills associated with Java, it is essential to update yourself with the new versions introduced by Java constantly. Usually, a new update of Java is released every six months, and it is a big challenge to keep up with the changes.
Most experienced Java specialists have evolved across 8-10 versions and know the importance of staying updated for the best application. Most jobs that need you to learn Java require 8+ skills. If you do not know the versions over 8, you will find it difficult to crack through interviews.
Experienced Java developers must hone new skills like TDD and AWS that are growing in popularity and demand. These will only polish and strengthen the existing skills.

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habutre profile image
Rogério Ramos • Edited

IMO 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 applies for any developer not only Java. I have seem more Python and Javascript exploring AWS resources than Java.

Number 8 should be replaced by target-language frameworks of course

I would say that DDD, EDA and Hexagonal Architecture would be a skillset closer to Java than some items presented here.

peter_brown_cc2f497ac1175 profile image
Peter Brown

I find it more and more difficult to find developers that can write good Ant build files. For my industry, this is an essential skill. Another essential skill is Core Java. Can a developer write effectively without third-party files. We are extremely hesitant to bring in third party tools as they require a lot of auditing due to enhanced security needs.

siy profile image
Sergiy Yevtushenko

Perhaps because Ant is rarely used these days. And even those who had experience using Ant trying to avoid it as much as possible.

philfrei profile image
Phil Freihofner

I'm dismayed to see AWS ranked so high, but this is probably realistic. I think the service is expensive and overkill. Very difficult to engage their "free" trial without going over the allocations and incurring costs. The amount of complexity added to hide away this or that platform piece is wearying. I've spent some time with AWS tutorials as well as the Google platform during coursework, but have settled on a less-expensive independent (Linode) for my personal use, going the route of getting a more solid understanding of Ubuntu/Linux platform and direct use of the tools used for hosting. Whether this will be considered transferable to businesses that have locked themselves into AWS solutions and jargon, well, I'm not optimistic. (I should be able to, in theory anyway, build more affordable solutions for smaller businesses. We shall see how this works out.)

siy profile image
Sergiy Yevtushenko

Knowledge of at least basics of functional programming quickly getting more and more expected from candidates.

skypy profile image

Very useful tips to improve skills.