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How to HTTP...

Every day, working as a full-stack web developer I had to test HTTP requests.

I started using postman, but oh man, how annoying is postman? As a developer, the only thing I want to do was coding, so why not write directly HTTP requests?
With IntelliJ, you can do.

Alt Text

IntelliJ IDEA supports .http files.
You can directly write HTTP requests and run them, with complete code completion even inside the body of the request (for example if using content-type: application/json he will help you write a json, how cool is it?).

Other useful tools:

  • environment variables support
  • cURL to HTTP converter
  • requests history and more.

And now I'm so used to write HTTP files that I don't want to write curl or fetch anymore.
So I created HTTP-TO an online HTTP requests converter.

Alt Text

For now, it supports conversion to the Javascript fetch and Dart http module.
Write http requests and convert directly to fetch!

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