in the presence of social media are companies really in need of website ?

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i work as a web developer , much more front-end , but sometimes i feel that i'm taking money from the client and i'm 100% sure that the website isn't going to have any impact on the company's marketing ,i mean it's just for the prestige , people are often fascinated by website , but they don't
know exactly why they need it , i might be wrong , but in some cases building a website is not useful at all ,if the company has already a presence in social media who'd like to visits the website , is they can display their products in SM and contact client ,show their last news ... etc so why we create the website
Excited to hear your thoughts ....

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Wait to see what governments across the world do with facebook. It looks like their business model is under a big threat right now.

A lot of people are also tired of facebook's constant scandals and moving to other sites..

I wouldn't worry about it too much.
If you are on facebook still yourself though, nuke your account like i did, out of your own best interest ;)

PS - i don't know how old you are, but AOL was once in the position facebook was in - IE a near monopoly on everything the internet had. Eventually that fell apart. I think facebook will fall apart soon as well, as most people who use it are dissatisfied with it and open to alternatives.


As a company, you'll want full control of your online appearance, which you don't have on platforms. Often you may not be able to comply with regulations on other platforms, like having to have a T&C-Page. And often it's not much cheaper to maintain a platform-page than a website. You still need (marketing-)personell to handle updates, news etc.


I think the draw is that the upfront cost is super low on facebook.
Versus whatever it is your contractor dude or dudette wants to charge.

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