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Journey to Machine Learning (Day 003)

Hi devs! It's another day and once again I'm here to rant :v This is the 3rd post of the series, you can find the previous posts here :
day 001
day 002

Okay, so today I finally finished the beginner python course from DataCamp, it took me around 3 days. Here's the completion statement (Yaay!)


I also started the next course which is, Intermedite python. Learned a bit about matplotlib. It was cool.

For leetcode problems, today I solved K'th Largest element in an array
It'a heap based problem.

Yesterday i said I started a math course. I'm thinking of dropping it, as I don't feel I need right now, maybe I'll start it again after going a bit into machine learning.

I was also seeing a bit of Django, as i'm thinking of making a blog site of my own. Today I learned what virtual environments are and how to setup one from here

That's pretty much it for today. Hope to write tomorrow too. Thanks for reading <3

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