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Journey to Machine Learning (Day 002)

Hey guys! So this is my day 2 of journey to machine learning. You can find day 001 here

Today I learned a bit more about numPy. I learned to slice 1D and 2D vetors and played around with them a little.

I solved Single Number and Find All missing numbers from leetcode with python.

I was browsing youtube and found a Machine learning course from Stanford. I thought I'd give it a try but I realized it requires some mathematics which I have done before but now completely forgotten them. So I started another course which is kind of a refreshment course of linear algebra. I plan to complete it alongside the Datacamp course.

Tbh the Datacamp course seems to be very easy and I could finish it in one day, but I don't wanna forget everything the next day so, I'm taking things a bit slowly. Hopefully It'll be done by 10th June.

So yeah that's pretty much it for today. Thanks for reading. Hope to write another one tomorrow! <3

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