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Coaching a manager who lacks time management and ability to prioritize tasks

I use a three-step approach when coaching a manager who’s struggling with time management.

  1. Zero in on the problem. I go through that manager’s task list and let him/her explain to me how he/she performs each task and the amount of time it takes. This usually brings to light issues or challenges that a manager might have with time management. For instance, there might be too much on a manager’s plate so he/she is unable to meet deadlines, or no tools were provided so that a task can still be done properly, but a lot faster.

  2. Brainstorm a solution. Once we’ve identified the problem areas, the next step is to come with specific solutions to address the problem. I work with the manager to come up with a comprehensive action plan. We also agree on a time each month (of an entire quarter) to see what progress has been done.

  3. Do monthly check-ins. I meet with the manager each month for at least three months to go over his/her action plan.

Bottom line: Supporting a manager struggling with time management can be done through a one-on-one meeting that involves identifying the problem and then providing guidance on how to come up with solutions that work.

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