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Jason Hand - Cloud Advocate for All Around Azure

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Microsoft Ignite 2020: All Around Azure Re-cap

📺 000 - Melody Zacharias 🎙️ Frank Boucher & Jason Hand

In this special episode Frank invites Microsoft RD, Melody Zacharias to the show to discuss higlights of from this year's Microsoft Ignite. Melody spends a little time showing off some of the new functionality in Azure Synapse Analytics and answers questions from the live audience on Twitch.

Later in the episode, Jason Hand joins to host a live Kahoot game pitting Frank and Melody against the audience in a game of Azure trivia.

Useful Links

🔗 Microsoft Ignite

🔗 Microsoft Ignite News

🔗 Sessions on demand

🔗 Azure Synapse Analytics

🔗 Azure Synapse Analytics Documentation

MS Learn links

🔗 Work with Relational Data in Azure: Learn Module

🔗 Learn Collection: Azure Synapse

Learn more about Melody Zacharias

Melody Zacharias - Microsoft MVP / RD

🔗 @SQLMelody

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