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How to Kick Off Your Career with Custom Vision

📺 043 - Mikolaj Sienkiewicz 🎙️ Jason Hand

Episode 43 introduces Mikolaj Sienkiewicz, a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador to the show to discuss Azure's Custom Vision. Mikolaj shares his experience in the Imagine Cup Competition as well as his project Asisto project.

Follow along as Jason and Mikolaj go through Azure's Cognitive Services, specifically the Custom Vision portal ( See how easy it is to build powerful AI applications using a variety of cognitive services offered on Azure (

Resources and links are found below for datasets and tools to follow along with the live demo and perform your very own image recognition.

All Video segments of the Episode:

📺 Episode Summary
📺 Mikolaj Sienkiewicz Interview
📺 Episode Demo
📺 Full length unedited video

Useful Links:

🔗 Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program
🔗 Asisto project
🔗 Imagine Cup Competition
🔗 Azure For Students
🔗 Cognitive Services Showcase Page
🔗 Custom Vision Portal
🔗 Platform to find multiple interesting datasets and AI problems
🔗 Dataset that we use in the demo
🔗 Postman tool
🔗 Cognitive Services
🔗 Learn Module: Classify Images with Custom Vision

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