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Azure Storage – the Unsung Hero - part 2

📺 044 - Shannon Kuehn 🎙️ Frank Boucher

In this episode, Frank received Shannon Kuehn who is also a cloud advocate at Microsoft. She will share how from a degree in communication studies in English passing by House DJ, she became this talented cloud advocate. Like what the atypical path doesn't block you to build a great career.

When Shannon started to learn more about Azure storage she started the "hard way". Doing pure HTTP call manually, without and library to managed to facilitate anything. That gave her a betters point of view to enjoy and understand all the benifices of SDK. She found that lesson so important that she walk us through that journey during her demo. Creating an Azure Storage Account and using the Security recommendations to share files for a short period of type using SAS tokens. You can see the full demo on How to share files temporarily and securly here.

Frank and Shannon will then present the Learn module Choose a data storage approach in Azure. A very interesting module because it provides multiple scenarios to understand the type of storage is the best for your project. You can see the full walkthrough of the Learn Module here.

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💡 Learn Module: Choose a data storage approach in Azure

All Video segment of the Episode

📺 Episode Summary

📺 Shannon Kuehn Interview

📺 Episode Demo

📺 Learn Module Overview

📺 Full length unedited video

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