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AgroMarket - An App to help Farmers

I made a project in college to help Indian farmers as we heard many suicide cases in India due to the reasons like their crops were sold at very cheap prices, they don't know where to sell their products that lead to the wastage of their crops, etc. So, I decided to develop an android app that can help them to list their crops on this platform and anyone who is interested can purchase them.
To support farmers, the Indian government announces the daily price of crops for every locality in India. These data are available on the website.
Following features are implemented in this app:

  • Farmers can list their crops by submitting all the important details
  • Anyone who is interested can purchase them (If shown interest in a product, the app will send a notification to the farmer regarding the user such that they can deal themselves)
  • Farmers can check the daily prices of the crops of their area and accordingly, they can decide their crop price while listing on the app.


Here are the screenshots of the app:

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