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What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

In the beginning i am not so aware about opensource but after this great event i was able to submit more than 4 pull requests as well as learn how to create issues solve issues make a pull request and also how to create and edit a beautiful file generally known as using markdown for my repositories

The 4 projects for which i completed this ,i will only share about them.
1)A cancer type predicting model using Artificial neural network
repo link:-
2)i have started with a basic hello world program using python programming language
repo link:-
3)I have worked on some cool projects like creating a pencil sketch of a provided image using opencv and python.In which it will be helpful if anyone give some suggestions.
repo link:-
4)After gaining some experience i have contributed to Devincepts deep learning repository and i was very much happy when recieved the mail that the pr was merged from them.
repo link:-

so that's all about my first hacktoberfest experience.
happy coding:)

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