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"I am Just A Beginner, But There Are Too Many Jargon!"

In the world of peace, as peace as a city of Ba Sing Se, you decide on learning programming, whether it is offline or online. You seek for advice around the internet, of where should you start. After that, you enroll a course and learn a really friendly way of starting your journey.

// Javascript
console.log("Hello world")

// Python
print("Hello World")

// Java
System.out.printIn("Hello World");
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Well, how easy it is, right? Yeah sure, until you find out there are so many aliens you will encounter. Then you will contemplate your life, whether you want to proceed or not.

Don't worry, they are not alien, they are just a thing that you didn't know, and you will enjoy later on!

Things inside digital domain are moving too fast, so everyone need to catch up, even includes the master of all programming elements. That's why, for beginners, they have to deal with jargon words in programming.

First Stage: Basic Words

So, what is basic words? This is where, you are actually learn beginner things, but didn't expose to these words, so you can focus on experiencing it first. Like input, output, selection, class. But these words won't take long because you still have to learn this to do things inside programming. Well, that's not that hard, was it?

Second Stage: Domain Words

Well, after going through these basic things, you can be called programmer! But that's not just it. Here, is where you choose your faction. It's like, Professor Dumbledore put a sorting a hat and you, and the hat analyses your preferences.

Alt Text

The words like Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Network, Project Management comes to you like no one else's business. So, you start studying what these words means and try to match with your passion and expertise. After you decide to choose a faction, then these word is just a "meh" word for you. Because it is just a segment inside programming world.

Third Stage: Specialisation Words

I remember, when I start embarking front end development, my thought is "Oh yeah, front end is cool and stuff!". Then, the new jargon words come to me, "Hey, you need to make it responsive!", "Why not SSR?", "We are now doing PWA".

What the heck? Even if you are in AI, you will meet these things - CNN, RNN, GAN. And for Project Management, you will find Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall, Sprint, Agile. Ahhhhh, too many alien words!

It is okay if you want to know what other words represent in each domain, but try to focus on the domain you decided on. If you are a slow learner, it is okay to take it one by one, as long as you understand the core of it, and make it work. Even for myself, I learn React for a year and half and then decided to explore SSR. But for a start, you can try update your glossary to at least know what it represents. Even there are words that is relevant in certain area, but not on others. Just imagine, redundancy is really bad thing, like a taboo in coding, but a must when it comes to databases and networks.

Arcane Stage: In-depth Words

This is where when you realised, that you went really deep inside what you have learnt so far. The word only a few utters. The word only you can pronounce only to have little consequences. The word only the other recognises when they are in the same domain as you. If you achieve this stage, and know how to do it, you are no longer a beginner. Until now, I didn't know what epoch means, though I know what epoch refers to.

These words are which you should know when it is in your domain only. You have a lot to learn, let alone other domain as well. Unless you are 10X Developer, then you are welcome to master arcane words as well.

Alt Text

It is normal to know jargon words. Just don't get overwhelmed by it. I know there are a lot of tools you want to learn, but there are as much as a human can master. So chin up, and continue learning whoever you are of different age, IQ, gender or anything. As long as you have a will to learn, there are no one to stop you from learning, as long as you can find the resources.

Clock will still be ticking, as how a neuron passes bazillions of impulses in second. As for the neurons still works, there will be new words that will be tokenised in the programming world. Human continue to improve each day, as much you want to improve as well. There are a whole lot of communities out there, offline and online that you can refer to, so don't be afraid to ask if you didn't know. You can reach out to me as well, if you have any problem in React as well, so I wish you well.

Have a joyful festivities๐ŸŽ„, and happy new year๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‰! May peace be upon ya!

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