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Macbook's Shopping Cart

100daysofcode [Day -11]

Hey, would you like to buy a MacBook? Click on the link below and set up the configuration and I will give it to you when I become a pro developer.
Today I created this shopping cart and you will get all the costs in the real-time update.
Live Preview:
Alt Text

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AlexusSawyer • Edited

When buying a new Mac, you should check the battery capacity because it determines how your laptop will perform. Thanks to the advent of cloud storage services, fewer Mac users are relying on the capacity of their hard drives, which means that many of us forget to monitor our drive usage. But even the largest hard drives eventually run out of free space, so it's always a good idea to check them occasionally. After stumbling across this article on the internet, I learned this, and now I won't make this mistake. Here you can read it in more detail.