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Alex Turner
Alex Turner

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Three months of free learning.

Here's my refer a friend link anyone can use to get three months of free learning with Jet Brains Academy. Not sure but you might instead get a free subscription till the new year. I suppose it might depend on when you use the link. The blurb I get says...

We are offering all of our registered users a free trial until January 1, 2021. Thank you for being with us in the early stages of JetBrains Academy’s development!

After the trial is over, you’ll receive a 50% discount for the first 12 months of your subscription.

Just in case you're wondering you don't have to sign up to a subscription or give out any payment details. At least I didn't anyway.

The tutorials and projects are very engaging and go beyond the basics. I'm working through the Python developer track and learning loads. The platform syncs with PyCharm beautifully. I am really enjoying the process.

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Thanks for the heads up! I love the fact they have all these Python projects we can do for free.

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Alex Turner

Good to see you getting stuck in Aaron. Nice one. Well done on completing your first stage.