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5 best TensorFlow.js DEV articles

TensorFlow is one of the most famous frameworks for creating Machine Learning and Deep Learning models and training them. It can be used for building models for not only desktop applications but also mobile and IoT devices for which TensorFlow Lite is there. TensorFlow.js is the ML library using TensorFlow as the core for Javascript-based applications used to run on Browsers or Nodejs applications.

TensorFlow is a very powerful framework it can be used to build recommender systems, GAN based applications and used by companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Deepmind, and Intel, etc. TensorFlow.js is also as powerful as TensorFlow and it can be used for Browser-based and Nodejs based applications using the power of all-powerful Javascript.

DEVCommunity which is one of the best platforms for developers has a lot of resources for many languages like Javascript, and its many frameworks like Node, Vue, Ember, React, etc, Python, Java, Go, Rust, etc. It has a lot of resources related to Machine learning and TensorFlow.js as well. Here I have tried to put together a list of 5 amazing articles related to TensorFlow.js on DEV which will be helpful for newcomers as well as others who are trying to experiment with Machine learning using javascript or TensorFlow.

1 - Street Fighter using Body movements

Street Fighter is a very famous video game where two players fight with each other using punches and kicks. What if you want to use actual punches and kicks in the real-world to play this game. Here is an article explaining how to play the game using actual hand movements which are captured using sensors like gyroscope and accelerometers. These signals are then processed using Arduino and TensorFlow.js to recognize the kicks and punches and then these are used to play the game.

2 - Game control using speech

In this article, the author has tried to explain how to build a game similar to Flappy Bird which is very basic consisting of just blocks and rectangles and then a Machine Learning model is build to play the same game using Speech Command.

3 - Fruit Ninja using Gestures

Fruit Ninja is a famous mobile game where you slice fruits using swipes on the screen. Here in this article the author has explored how to play the game using hand gestures.

4 - Toxic Language detection in Chats

We are using a lot of Chat applications in our day-to-day life like Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram and recently Signal. We might have to deal with a lot of toxic messages. What if an application detects that your message is toxic and prevents you from sending such messages. Here in this article the author teaches how to build a toxic language detection in Twilio chat.

5 - Playing BEAT SABER virtual reality game using TensorFlow.js

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world. In this article too the author has tried to build a body movement detector which is used to play Beat Saber using TensorFlow.js.

Hope you will enjoy these collection of articles and build other interesting projects based on TensorFlow.js.

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