Excited to join the DEV tag moderators community

amananandrai profile image amananandrai ・1 min read

Today morning I received mail from the DEV team that I have been made the tag moderator for the tags #machinelearning , #datascience and #nlp. I am extremely happy and excited to join the DEV tag moderators community. Also, I have been made the community moderator. I am happy to fulfill my duties and guide new members of the community to write posts.

I would like people to follow the tags


Data Science allows us to extract meaning from and interpret data.


NLP is Natural Language Processing the technology behind Home assistants and search engines.
. I would be happy to see a bigger and better datascience community grow on DEV. I would try my level best to read all the posts written on these topics and provide feedback.

Thanks once again DEV team to provide me this opportunity.❤️❤️🎉🎉🎊


Editor guide

Congratulations. Can't wait to post under Machine Learning.


Thanks, Mayank need more enthusiasts like you to grow the DEV ML Community.🎊


Welcome to the tag moderators! Great to have you looking after all things data science


Thanks Helen