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How to setup Android Studio in 4GB ram.

For last three days I am messing with my windows 10 laptop having 4GB ram and no graphics card just for getting started with Android apps and guess what I have a solution for you.

First of all there are two facilities provided by Android Studio :

  1. IDE for Android Development
  2. Android Emulator for viewing output.

And minimum requirements for Android studio on Windows is:
System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (64-bit)
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended.
  • 2 GB of available disk space minimum, 4 GB Recommended (500 MB for IDE + 1.5 GB for Android SDK and emulator system image)
  • 1280 x 800 minimum screen resolution.

So basically it is saying that you have to use all of your hardwares to the fullest but unfortunately windows don't allow us, because there are a lot of processes running in background in windows that you can't stop. This is the time you have to make a decision that do you want to work on windows or Android Apps. I made a decision and chose Android apps over windows. So Right now I have a laptop and a will to work on Android. I started trying different solutions one after another and lucky me, the last one worked.

The solution for how to install Android studio in 4gb ram and no graphics card

Now you need two things

  1. The guide of how to do it
  2. 5-10 GB of internet.

Do you know that why linux based operating systems don't get viruses? Because viruses are also programs and to run a program you need permission. Now windows allows permissions to some programs by itself but on linux you even can't do +,- without permission. And that is the reason why macOS got its popularity.

Now since you are working on windows you have two options

  1. Remove windows and completely work on Ubuntu ( Linux based OS with very nice UI like windows, the most user fiendly linux OS )
  2. Use a technique known as dual boot where you can easily work on two OS ( windows + Ubuntu ) simultaneosly on same PC without harming anyone. Yes of course I preffered 2nd one

Go to "you tube" and search for "how to dual boot ubuntu on windows" and you will get the point. The above process will take your 3gb.

Now by any means you should have your ubuntu linux. Now Inside ubuntu open Ubuntu Software store , search for Android Studio then install it. Anddddd boom! Now you can easily launch android studio. But wait follow this You Tube Video to setup Android Studio.

You may face problems and I think as a developer this is what we always have to do: solve problems to achieve smething. So don't get demotivated and face them because I also did and I assure you that Android studio will work on your pc.

Now I will assure that you can easily write java/kotlin code in android studio but right now if you run your code Android Studio will crash due to low Ram. The solution is to attach your own android smartphone to Android studio and see results there as shown in above you tube video OR try this You Tube Video

Just a quick fact Do you know: you can also do android development in Eclipse and Idea IntelliJ.**

Final Words

Your Final Setup looks like: Ubuntu (Any linux based OS) + Android Studio + Android Smartphone

See there is going to be a lot of hard work while doing Android development this way but when you launch your first Android App everything will pay oFF.

Let me know in comments that is this blog useful or not and if you need a video tutorial on this, show some love down in comments

Good Luck and HAPPY CODING!!!

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dabjazz profile image

Normally even if we have a 8gb ram system, windows will use 47-51% of memory, I saw while I was doing android Development, out of 8 gb only 4.6 gb was usable. I prefer Intellij Idea for android Development and VScode for flutter and web development. Sublime for light web projects.

amanjaindev profile image
Aman Jain

I also prefer the same stack 😄, Although Nice insights.

mvermadev profile image
Manish Verma

Yes, this is the cool way and I have been working like this, since 3 years ago. Furthermore, Linux is the final solution for every developers that's why it is super highly recommended to programmers community.

amanjaindev profile image
Aman Jain

3 years 😮, long time, looks like this solution in much promising.

real_rijin profile image
Rijin Reji Thomas

If you have 4GB RAM, then don't even try to install Android Studio.

amanjaindev profile image
Aman Jain

yeah but I believe sometimes its better we do things instead of saying I can't because I have a low RAM or I can't afford it 😇

michaelndunwa profile image

These is almost the same thing I did, but I used Genymotion instead of Android. Phone

amanjaindev profile image
Aman Jain

😮, Looks Promising Indeed.

abhisheknayakprogramer profile image

Use intelige idea