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My first (real) open source contribution

This week, I added a contribution to the documentation for Gwion, and I'm gonna share the process here.

The reason I say this was my first real contribution is because I technically have done this before, but it was just copy-pasting someone else's fix, from a fork that had diverged too much from master.

So, on to the story:

I was scrolling through (hey, thats where this article is!) and found one of those "request for contributors" posts. There was a link to a music-making programming language called Gwion. It looked interesting, so I added my name to a (small) list of people, and waited.

I got invited to a Github organization, and joined. When I got there, I found it populated with a few people who were talking about syntax and other code things.

I had signed on to help with documentation, so I took a look... Yeah, they weren't kidding when they said it was WIP.

I made a post on the organization with my suggestions of what I could do, and received very positive feedback!

So, I started work. I fixed up the main page of the docs. I had to ask a few questions, but I got it done. (The pronouns thing in the cover image was me adding the pronouns of the maintainer) I submitted a PR, and it got approved!

I've done a few more since then, and it's really fun. I'm glad I started doing this. I recommend it!

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Jérémie Astor

(Gwion's maintainer here) And you did great work!
I hope it'll continue.
Nice to read you.