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Get to The Point: The "One-Pager"

"Some honored me by giving me, the secret of their works" - [32], Sappho

You have an idea you want people to read. You've heard about this thing called a "one-pager". You've heard that this may or may not actually be one page (depending on the margins, the font size, spacing, etc).

The purpose of a "one-pager" is to succinctly describe a problem, why someone should care, and your proposal to address it. You want them to walk away with the why and the what comes next. Quickly.

Here is an outline of the bare essentials, to help you focus your time and energy:


Executive Summary

[* DELETE THESE DIRECTIONS - 2-3 sentences with summary of your proposal below]

Problem Statement

[* DELETE THESE DIRECTIONS - 2-3 paragraphs max]

Proposal for Action

[* DELETE THESE DIRECTIONS - 2-3 paragraphs max]

How Do We Define Success?

[* DELETE THESE DIRECTIONS - 2-3 paragraphs max]

Immediate Action Items

[* DELETE THESE DIRECTIONS - 3-4 bullet points of what needs to happen immediately to get your proposal moving]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What might people ask about the above?
    • We’ll answer it here!
  • What has someone asked you after reading this brief?
    • Answer it here!

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