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An almost 200 pages website I created (design and development) for a small company

Please take a look at the website I created for a small company in Beachwood, Ohio.

The project took me about 5 months, working part-time while finishing up my CS degree.

For those who are curious, these are the technologies and tools I used:

Kit language for HTML Includes
Vanilla JavaScript (Barely used...about 10 lines of code)

CodeKit (Mac) and PrePros (Windows) for pre-processing the .kit files and .scss files

Other services:
Getforms for forms
Pexels for pictures
IonIcons for icons

I would appreciate your comments about what I did better and what I need to improve.

Here is the website again,

You can reach me at

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Ami Amigo

Thanks Sandro...I actually never checked on the actual iOS device. Will revisit it.