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Decide Design Pattern For Angularjs Mobile App

Starting anything from scratch is fun but at the same time a headache because you have to take into account the future possibilities into consideration.

For now I am going to build an app related to E-Wallet but I am stuck here thinking what should be the approach I should take or rather asking a straight forward question which Design Pattern to use my Technologies are Angularjs, OO JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3.

I have numerous screens like login, registration, payment, etc. and the idea is to use the design pattern that can be helpful from future perspective.

Although this is a specific post but i am sure there are many who might be struggling with this question (Obviously Keeping Senior Devs aside) as we know many patterns but don't know how to make use of it .

Guy's really need help from the community.

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Pascal Maniraho • Edited

There is a principle(take it as a design pattern) called YAGNI:You ain't gonna need it.Focus on the problem you want to solve now. The future will come with its own challenges.

KISS the first version. If your every new code is in "essence" a refactoring of existing code, then you will notice patterns to apply, as you move forward with your project. Kent Beck formulated: "Make It Work Make It Right Make It Fast". Adding "then" between "make" statements, once again, proves where your efforts need to be now.

Said that, LIFT guidelines by John Papa may help you think what your first version may look like.