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Working with Laravel Livewire is fun

Development with Laravel is always fun. The more I spend time with Laravel, I enjoy the Test Driven Approach.

Now, when any frontend development comes into picture, there is an entire range of things to do. Browser testing, Unit tests, Mock servers to test your services and APIs and what not.

However, if you develop your frontend in Livewire, then even your front end code is in PHP. Which means, even your tests are in PHP. Plus, without writing any Javascript, you can create a complete SPA type application.

Under the hood, it doesn't return back JSON responses but rather HTML which is something even big giants like Github is also doing. And using smart dom diff, the new HTML is added to the dom and hence you get updates from the server based on user interactions.

It allows you to play will component lifecycle hooks as well which means, you can add behaviours based on change in state of the component and a lot more.

This in itself is a great thing. And, in this video I show you how you can get started with Livewire and start doing frontend development in PHP. Hope you like it.

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