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Amazon (AWS) NLP Service - Comprehend and Twitter API

In today's world data is everywhere. And, so analysing data and coming up with insights from that data is a very important thing.

Recently, I was involved in a project where an automotive company wanted to get some insights about the sentiment of the users who were posting on their twitter handle and also on their other social mediums.

Now a days, using API we can fetch information from Facebook pages, Tweeter handles etc. And hence, it is possible to fetch that data, run them through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and get some idea about the content which is posted.

For example, as a social media manager I would like to know what is the sentiment of a user who has written anything about my company on Facebook or Twitter. If there is something positive written about my company, I would like to highlight that. If someone has written something negative, then we have an unhappy customer and I would like to know what was a problem and try to solve that problem.

Now, it is difficult to read through all these mediums and come up with analytics. And hence, services like AWS Comprehend can really help. Yes, there are a lot of services available who can do these stuff. But, I found AWS to be very easy, vast and cheap as well.

So, in this video I am going to show you how we can use the Amazon Comprehend service to fetch data from Twitter API using the Twitter streaming API and then send them to AWS Comprehend and get some sentiment analysis done on that tweet, extract some keywords and do other stuff.

So, if this requirement interests you, then dive into the journey where I show you how we can do this.

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Manish Chaudhary

I watched the video it was nice.