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How is AMORE integrated with the blockchain?

AMORE is a premier dating app that offers complete integration with the blockchain! If you always wanted a decentralized, immersive and empowering dating app, then you are in the right place. We know how challenging it can be to find a great date, and how hard it can be to use most dating platforms. That’s why we created AMORE, which is designed from the ground up to make dating interesting, fun and immersive.

How is AMORE integrated with the blockchain?
AMORE has its own tokens that you can acquire and then use on a variety of actions. If you want to send messages, share gifts or perform all kinds of actions inside AMORE, you just have to acquire tokens and use them the way you want. It’s a very engaging way for you to connect with whomever you want and enjoy the dating process, while also having fun along the way.

Connect with thousands of potential dates
The AMORE userbase is constantly growing, so you will have no problem finding someone near you that you like. Plus, new users are coming every day, so the chances of identifying your ideal date or even finding your soulmate can be pretty high. Combine that with the fact that you can easily customize your profile, share gifts and perform any actions you want in a decentralized environment, then you can see why AMORE is the ideal option for a great, fun dating experience.

Engaging, very easy to use
Our focus with AMORE is to ensure that you can always find the best possible date quickly. We created a top of the line algorithms that makes it easy to match you with the right person that suits your style and requirements. It’s a wonderful, innovative approach that guides you towards like-minded people which you will surely enjoy.

Why choose us?
Here at AMORE we believe that the blockchain is offering incredible benefits and it puts the power in hands of all its users. We think this is the future, and we want to empower users to start enjoying the content they want, the way they want, while using tokens.

If you enjoy the idea of a stress free dating environment where everything is under your control, all while having blockchain support, give AMORE a try today. This is the best way to enjoy some of the most interesting, exciting dating experiences, all powered by state of the art technology.


  • 1. Blockchain based platform
  • 2. Use tokens for any actions you want
  • 3. Great interface, easy to use
  • 4. Access thousands of potential dates

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