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Write your way to health

Growing up my environment taught me that strong men don’t cry. I was taught that counselling is for the weak. Talking about our problems leads to judgement and isolation.

It turns out not talking about my problems lead me to isolation. I cried a lot when I was in high school. I hated myself and was looking for an escape. After a few failed attempts, I started to look for help. I turned to books, podcasts, and meditation. I’ve been adding tools to my toolbox for the past ten years and now I’ve decided to build my own.

Whether you are struggling with mental illness or not, building a healthy relationship with yourself is extremely important. Self-reflection and journalling have been shown to have many benefits ranging from mindfulness to sparking creativity. I’m building a product that helps you build a daily writing habit, one small step at a time.

With Wrabit, you can proudly express your unedited self. Writing helped me when I wasn’t ready to talk and it might help you too. Although Wrabit isn’t free, portions of the membership fees get donated to mental health research. The more you write, the more we donate.

Write your way to health with Wrabit 👇🏻

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