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Amr Elmohamady
Amr Elmohamady

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Cloudinary VS Firebase Cloud Storage: Pros and Cons

This article will help you to choose your cloud storage provider for your next project or your blog or an event, based on free pricing plans.

The moment you realize that you need to choose a cloud storage provider to use in your project and there are multiple options to choose from and you start searching for storage providers and you find a lot of choices and you want to find something that has a good free plan to start with then you might find Cloudinary and Firebase Cloud Storage.

Cloudinary: pros and cons


  • More Storage as you get 25 Monthly Credits: 25k transformations or
    25 GB of managed storage or
    25 GB of net viewing bandwidth

  • Image and video transformations (e.g.:change the size of your assets)

  • Video transcoding and adaptive streaming

  • Better Admin Dashboard (OS-like)


  • Smaller Community

  • There is minimum file size

  • Has some limitations if you are using it from a javascript frontend like the inability of deleting images.

Firebase Storage: pros and cons


  • Wide Community

  • No minimum file size

  • Better to use if you have experience with other Firebase services like Firestore or Authentication


  • 5GB Stored

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you have other opinions please feel free to comment below or contact me.

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minhhunghuynh1106 profile image

Have any method of cloudinary I can get the link of the image with javascript when it's uploaded? Thanks a lot!