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Amrit Singh
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5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Technical Writer

Simple ways to find topics for your stories

To be a successful technical writer or any kind of writer, you just need consistency. And to be consistent you need to generate new ideas for your articles.
When I started penning down my first blog about a year ago, I took a lot of time to write it. I had the topic but the writing was not easy. After this piece, I had no topics to write on.
I have come a long way from there, I have overcome Writer’s block. I have abundant topics to write on.
In this article, I am going to share a few ways to overcome Writer’s block —

Keep a note of new things you learn at work

At work, we face new challenges every day. And we find solutions to these challenges.
Has it ever occurred to you, there are others who might be facing the same problem as you? Oh yes, for sure. This could be a topic for a technical blog you can write.
I keep a note of all the things I learn at work. These could be the choices you make in terms of language, framework, design, architecture, or process. If you pen down these ideas you will have enough topics to write on.

Workplace dynamics

Post pandemic many of us are working from home, but the dynamics of our workplace still affect us. Affects could be positive or negative. You or others might be taking measures to make things better.
These are great things to write about. It could be about how different teams communicate effectively, how you have reduced the burden of meetings, how you managed a late project, why your workplace is healthy, etc.

Explain basic concepts

As a programmer, you might be under the impression that everyone knows the basic concepts. These are some great topics to write about. I see a lot of successful writers still write about the basics of Python.
There are always people learning basic concepts. We might consider these topics trivial, but they are valuable to a lot of people.


Listicles are easy ones to write. You can compile others' work into a listicle.
I would not recommend writing only listicles, but writing a listicle once in a while is a great idea.

Opinions & Advice

Writing my thoughts and opinion on a topic has worked well for me. I have received a few nasty comments but a few of these articles went viral.
Readers like to read others’ perspectives on a certain technology or a problem. This helps them look at technology, process, or a problem from different vantage points.

Final Words

I am not an expert when it comes to writing. I am a newbie, but these kinds of articles have helped me to grow my audience and get some ghostwriting assignments as well.

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