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5 Beginner-Friendly Coding Livestreams to Learn Programming

2020 has been a great year for code livestreams. Stuck at home, developers took to their OBS setups to share their coding projects with their peers. And viewers tuned in to watch a fellow developer struggle through a programming issue, get stuck, google things, and eventually figure things out, and found their coding communities in the process.

But if you are a code newbie, you might find it daunting to follow along with the experienced developers' livestreams. Fear not, for you have your own peers learning new tech stacks live! Here are five of our favorite beginner-friendly streamers that you can watch to learn programming:

Learn full-stack web development with Leon

Leon Noel ( runs a free Web Dev Bootcamp live on Twitch every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 PM EST. The goal of the bootcamp is to help those affected by the pandemic as well as help underrepresented folks learn web development and get hired as software engineers. You can also bring your questions to the Office Hours on Saturdays at 12 PM EST.

Learn Python with Pachi

Pachi Carlson is currently learning Python live on her Twitch channel ( on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 AM EST.

Learn Golang with Paul

Paul Kernfeld is currently learning Golang from scratch every Friday at 12 PM EST on Cockroach Labs' Twitch channel.

Learn Rust with Prince

Prince Wilson is currently learning Rust with on his Twitch channel (

Learn JavaScript with CJ

The creator of the popular coding YouTube channel (Coding Garden) also has an excellent Twitch channel ( for full-stack app projects, tutorials, and Q&A sessions (mostly featuring JavaScript).

Bonus streams

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janetmi55451848 profile image
Janet Miranda

Great! Thanks for this, I will use this one as a reference where to learn more about programming. Just wanted to add one website which can serve as a reference to those who thinks on pursuing web development.

jenntoops profile image
Jenn T.

I'm in Leon Noel's boot camp, and it's fantastic. He has been teaching web dev/software engineering for years and completely understands the challenges new students face. Tons of material and resources--be sure to join the Discord channel for additional perks!

marius7383 profile image
Marius Ebel

Not a livestream, but I frequently enjoy this guy's content about web dev (crayoncode):

kingsleyijomah profile image
Kingsley Ijomah

Awesome! thanks for sharing this, pachicodes is a really good one!